Research timeline

Three years: 2020–2023

Grant awarded


At the end of 2020, we were notified that we'd received funding for three years from JPI Climate - SOLSTICE funding stream.

December 2020

Building the team

Recruitment phase for remaining team members

During this time, David, Kate, Lisa and Marie joined the Just-Scapes team. And in this time, the rest of the team have begun working on the literature review, and the design of each of the four research strands: semi-structured interviews; writing workshops; survey; and transformations labs.

January - March 2021

Fieldwork begins

We begin interviewing - sometimes live, sometimes virtually

The first part of our research, the semi-structured interviews, were due to begin in Spring 2021. The pandemic pushed us back a few months, but interviews began in May: in-person in France and online in the Czech Republic. Our UK team will begin interviews in September.

May - December 2021


Cross-cultural survey

We'll be designing and running a survey to try and find out what stakeholders across all three sites think about justice ("justice beliefs") and potential pathways to transformation. The survey will also allow us to begin drawing comparisons between the three contexts.

February 2022 - May 2022

First 'T-lab'

Designing and running our Just Transformation labs

We'll be running two 'Just Transformation' laboratory workshops with stakeholders in each case-study site. The labs will be transdisciplinary and collaborative. We're using them as a tool to find shared visions of sustainability and just transformation. We'll be running two 'T-labs' for each of our three cases. In the first, we'll work with a group of stakeholders we met through the initial interviews in each site.

March 2022 - June 2022

Creative writing workshops

We'll be running creative writing workshops in all three sites

Jean McNeil (joined in France and the Czech Republic by a local writer) will lead creative writing workshops with a group of stakeholders in each site. The first workshop is scheduled to take place in Scotland in June 2022.

June 2022 - October 2022

Second 'T-lab'

Our second, and final, Just Transformation lab

In our last on-site intervention, we'll run a second T-lab with the same group of stakeholders in each site. In this T-lab, we'll bring in things that came up in the survey and the writing workshops, as well as building on the previous lab.

February 2023 - May 2023

Writing up

Conclusions tbc...

We hope that findings from Just Scapes will directly benefit the sites and people in the Czech Republic, France and Scotland. But we also want the project to have broader results: better understanding and methodologies for proposed rural land-use climate actions in general. We’ll share our findings with our networks – both in academia and in policy – to promote scientific and social impacts, nationally and internationally.

May - November 2023