Our transdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder ‘Just Transformation Labs’ (or 'T-labs', for short) were a key part of the Just Scapes research process.

Linked to ongoing policy consultations in each of the three areas, these labs involved shared visioning exercises to help develop manifestos for just landscape transformations.

Czech Republic

Our Czech manifesto was written based on a series of collaborative workshops held in 2023 with participants based in the regions of Slovácko, Valašsko and Horňácko regions in South and East Moravia.

It is titled 'Pathways to Equitable Landscape Transformation: barriers, opportunities & recommendations'.

It's currently available in Czech only, but an English-language translation will be on its way soon.

Cover image of the Czech manifesto


Our French team co-created their manifesto together with people who live and work in the Arac Valley.

Available to read in French, the title means 'Towards just landscape-use transformations in the face of climate change'.

The manifesto was conceived as a call for action, and a way to give voice to rural-dwellers.

Image of the cover of the French manifesto


Our Scottish manifesto is simply titled 'Guidelines for Socially Just Landscape Restoration in the Scottish Highlands'. You can read it in full here.

The manifesto was written-up by Adrian Martin, David Brown and Janet Fisher, with the valuable input, insight and critical gaze of the Affric-Kintail landscape vision working group.

Image of the cover of the Scottish manifesto