'Letter to the Land': the Just Scapes anthology

In December 2023 we published all the texts written by the participants in our three creative writing workshops in Scotland, France and the Czech Republic in a trilingual anthology.

The anthology is the first of its kind that we know of, anywhere in the world.

Illustration from the 'Letter to the Land' document - a woman sits at a desk writing

The texts in Letter to the Land are the result of three workshops run by a different writer in each case-study site. They are also creative offerings written by ordinary people (which is to say, non-professional writers), who include farmers, local businesspeople, students, NGO workers, smallholders and agriculturalists.

All texts have been translated into all three languages, meaning that Letter to the Land is mutually intelligible to our three research communities, fostering conversation and illuminating points of comparison and divergence between them.

Image of a page of the anthology, introducing the Scottish writing, in Czech

Letter to Land is now being disseminated to local officials, policymakers, research bodies and institutional bodies in France, Scotland and the Czech Republic.

We're also making the document freely available online, as an example of the potential of using participatory creative writing to investigate the complex realities of environmental change and injustice.

Questions? Feedback? Please contact Jean McNeil, our creative writing and place research lead.

Image of the cover of the 'Letter to the Land' anthology